Top 8 Earth Hour Official Videos – Switch Off Your Light

  • By: Preetam
  • Date: May 6, 2022
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Every year, Earth Hour brings the official Earth Hour video around the world in order to educate people about the value of the earth and nature.

These videos are released every year on Earth Day.

We’ll share the top 8 Earth Hour Videos with you in today’s post so that we can all learn something new about our planet.

Let us know which of the videos is your favourite. 

1. Earth Hour 2022 Official Video – This Is Our Time by Where Oceans Meet

2. Earth Hour 2021 Official Video – Together in This by Natasha Bedingfield

3. Earth Hour 2020 Official Video – Rock the World by The Script 

4. Earth Hour 2019 Official Video – All of The Stars by Ed Sheeran

5. Earth Hour 2018 Official Video – Connect 2 Earth 

6.Earth Hour 2017 Official Video – Ten Years of Impact

7. Earth Hour 2016 Official Video – This is our time

8. Earth Hour 2015 Official Video – Your Power