Why is my electric bill so high with solar panels?

  • By: Preetam
  • Date: August 28, 2021
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Is your electric bill still high even when you have solar panels? This is a common problem other people who don’t under how solar energy works experience.

They may think having solar panels is not helpful, but this is not the case.

In this blog, we tell you why your electric bill is still high. Moreover, give you some tips on how to keep your electric bills down. 

Why does installing solar panels matter today?

Installing solar panels is the best way of saving on high electricity bills.

But your electric bill may still be high, especially if you don’t use energy-efficient appliances.

Sometimes even higher than before you had solar panels on your roof. 

Why is your electric bill high?

There are many reasons why this happens. The simple explanation is, you must use more power than before. 

Example: Sydney decided to install solar panels a year ago. He believed this would help his family pay less for electricity.

So they started using more energy than before. His wife cooked every day.

They watched TV and did laundry every week. After all, now they had free electricity. 

Then the electricity bill arrives. Sydney’s heart nearly jumped out.

There must be a mistake! This can’t be his bill. No, this must be some terrible mistake! There is no way that the electric bill can go up while they have a solar panel. 

“This is daylight fraud. I’m going to call the municipality to find out.” He said.

What Sydney didn’t know is: 

  • Solar can offset the energy usage in your home, but if you use more energy, your electric bill will still go up. 
  • When you leave your electric devices on, they will consume more power. 

How to avoid getting high electricity bills 

While installing solar is the best way of saving, you will pay more if you misuse electricity.

You will get a bill that will drop your jaw. It is that plain simple. 

To avoid spending more electricity bills, do the following: 

  • Check all your electrical appliances. Are they all in good condition?
  • Find out which appliances consume more power.
  • How many of those appliances do you use often? 
  • Get rid of all old appliances. If you have old devices that you have been using for years, consider replacing them with new ones. 


  • At least 82% of households receive high electric bills.
  • According to Energy Star, the typical household spends “more than $2,000 a year on energy bills.
  • At least 29% of households use electricity to heat their homes.

Why must I install a solar panel?

You may be wondering if installing solar energy was a great idea.

I mean, if people like Sydney can still get a huge electric bill, then what’s the point? Having solar panel offer multitude of benefits. 

Here is why every family needs solar power: 

  • Solar energy is good for our environment – solar power is one of the cleanest, green energy sources. 
  • Solar power reduces our carbon footprint. 
  • Solar power uses no other resources. Now you understand why it is safe and friendly. 
  • Solar power is self-sufficient.
  • Installing solar panels is safe and easy. 

Which kind of solar technology will be perfect for us?

There are different technologies you can consider. But the most suitable are photovoltaic, which means they convert sunlight to energy. 

Example: Sydney’s home uses a lot of energy for heating. Hence, he received a huge electric bill. But using the right solar technology for homes can change that. He should do the following:

  • Use solar panels suitable for homeowners.
  • Avoid using old appliances.
  • Make sure his panels are in good condition all the time. 

Should you lease or buy a solar panel?

There are two ways of installing a solar panel: by leasing or buying it. As a homeowner, you need to weigh your options and decide what would work for you.

Let’s compare the two options.

Buying a solar:

  • Buying costs more as you have to make an upfront payment.
  • You will own the solar panel. 
  • There are no binding contracts, no surprises. 

Leasing a solar:

  • Leasing is the most affordable option.
  • You need to sign a contract.

Remember, solar panels can last you a lifetime, especially if you take good care of them. Always make sure that you replace components on your solar panels. 

Does Solar Energy Cause Less Electricity Loss?

In some cases, long-distance transmissions equal power losses. Solar energy solves that problem.

It is the best way to improve electricity efficiency. As a free source of energy, it provides us with more power. 

How to save on power?

Use the following tips to avoid paying more:

Use only energy-efficient appliances: Get rid of anything that consumes more energy.

From lights to the kettle and dishware. Devices that run more often, such as refrigerators, heaters, and TV, need to be new.  

If you buy a new washer, the dishwasher gets an energy-efficient model. 

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