Is Wind Energy The Future Of A Clean Economy? (Solved!)

  • By: Preetam
  • Date: November 19, 2021
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The main purpose of a clean economy is to simply produce no more climate pollution. 

And for that, we can use renewable energy resources and incorporate them into our economic systems. 

Wind energy is also a renewable energy resource but the question arises. Is wind energy the future of a clean economy?

The short answer is yes, wind energy is the future of a clean economy. 

It is one of the best renewable energy that doesn’t release any direct harmful emissions that could pollute the environment. 

However, there are still some negative points of wind energy that can indirectly affect the environment.

Continue reading till the end because I will be sharing with you all the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy that you actually need to know. 

So let’s get started!

Advantages Of Wind Energy

#1. It Doesn’t Produce Direct Harmful Emissions

Except for the stages when the windmills are manufactured and transported, wind energy is completely emissions-free energy.

As per, any economic sector that produces goods and services with any kind of environmental benefit is what we call the green economy, clean economy, or low carbon economy.

Now, for wind energy, large windmills are established in big open farms lands. 

And, in the very basic sense, the windmills rotate due to the wind flow which converts the wind energy into kinetic energy (energy of motion).

The kinetic energy is what is then used to generate electricity. 

So the main concept is that simple.

In the whole process of converting wind energy to electrical energy, there’s no emission of any kind of gases or pollutants that could impact our environment. 

And so it becomes one of the crucial energy resources that can be considered as the future of a clean economy.

#2. It Is A Renewable Energy Source

Another great thing about wind energy is that it is an inexhaustible and renewable energy resource. 

So we don’t have to worry about how much to use it. 

There will always be enough abundance of wind, right?

#3. It Creates Employment

Whenever a wind energy project is about to get started in any particular area, the locals get the opportunity to get employed. 

At the various stages of the win energy project such as manufacturing, transportation, and project construction, people get various jobs. 

Thus it helps in strengthening the economy.

#4. Cost-Effective Source Of Energy

Since we get wind energy for free, it is one of the cost-effective sources of energy source. 

Nowadays, as technology is advancing, the cost of electricity produced using wind energy has also been reduced greatly.

Over the period of time, the cost can even drop further.

Moreover, wind energy only requires the setup cost. 

Once the wind turbines are all set up on the farmlands, then everything is ready to work for a long tie ahead.

For working, the wind turbines require wind which is completely free. 

Also, the turbines usually don’t need too much maintenance throughout their lifetime.

Disadvantages Of Wind Energy

#1. Imposes Threat To Wildlife

On farms wind turbines keep rotating to convert the wind energy into electrical energy. 

But several wildlife species of birds and bats fly over the farms. 

If by chance a bird or a bat comes across the wind turbine then they may surely die. 

The blades of wind turbines are quite large and they rotate at higher speeds.

On top of that, not only does the wind turbine impose a threat for flying animals, but if not set up correctly in a particular place then it can also impact the natural habitat of the surrounding animal species.

#2. Causes Noise Pollution

One of the drawbacks of a wind energy setup is the noise pollution that occurs because of its turbines.

The noise is created because of the mechanical operation and the movement of the blades that keep rotating.  

#3. The Wind Turbines Neither Fully Secure Nor Reliable

Wind turbines are technical things and are made of various parts and materials. 

Now although rare, but as per, a small number of wind turbines have also caught fire. 

Moreover, there have been also instances where lubricating fluids leaked. 

However, these kinds of instances are usually rare to happen.

So the wind energy turbine is not fully secure and although rare but there always remains a chance of something wrong can happen.

Now if we consider the reliability of wind energy then also it is not a great resource. 

It is because the wind energy resource relies hugely on the weather.

For example, if on a particular day the winds are blowing adequately then a substantial amount of electricity can be generated. 

Instead, if on that day, the wind speed is too low, and then it won’t produce that much amount of electricity.

This fact makes wind energy as unreliable as well as unpredictable energy sources.

#4. Indirectly Contributing To Climate Pollution

By indirectly, here I mean that the windmills don’t contribute to producing any emissions directly. 

They do not release any harmful gases or anything like that.

But during the manufacturing process, the windmills are made from various materials and metals. 

And the use of fossil fuel may have been made at some point during the manufacturing process.

Moreover, in some areas, the wind projects on land may require service roads which can impact the environment.

Thus, wind energy contributes to environmental and climate pollution indirectly.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Wind Energy?

Wind Energy: ProsWind Energy: Cons
No Direct Harmful EmissionsThreat To Wildlife
Renewable Energy SourceNoise Pollution
Creates EmploymentWind Turbines Not Fully Secure Nor Reliable
Cost-EffectiveIndirectly Causing Pollution


In short, yes, wind energy can be thought of as the future of a clean economy since it gives no direct emissions and it is also a renewable energy resource. 

However, mainly because of its threat to wildlife and indirect emissions still, it is not yet a 100% clean economy.


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