Is Wind Energy Inexhaustible?

  • By: Preetam
  • Date: August 10, 2021
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Wind is just the movement of air. This movement of air is caused by uneven heating of the Earth by the Sun. 

Wind is inexhaustible, thus classifying it as a renewable resource. 

Wind falls into this category because it will always be blowing and has always been blowing. 

That is the beauty of renewable resources such as wind. They are free and will be around as long as you or I are.

Now, does that mean the wind is constantly blowing in your current area, though? Well, no, it does not. 

Wind is inexhaustible as long as there are sufficient air currents. 

Thus, it may not be blowing in your area at all times, but it is still inexhaustible because it is infinite and always blowing somewhere. 

Is wind energy inexhaustible

According to the Oxford Dictionary, inexhaustible means “unable to be used up because existing in abundance.” Examples of inexhaustible energy sources are solar, wind, water, geothermal, ocean waves, ocean tides, and the atmosphere. 

Since we are focusing specifically on wind for this article, let’s delve into why it is categorized as an inexhaustible energy source. 

Wind exists in abundance all around the world. 

Wind will continue as long as there is weather on this planet. 

Thus, energy can be gained from wind for as long as there is weather on this planet. 

Wind will not be used up under any conditions, which makes it an inexhaustible energy source. 

Since wind is created from the Sun warming the Earth at variable rates, two factors contribute to its inexhaustibility:

  • The Sun
  • Temperature

Both of these do not seem to be going anywhere for a long time. 

Actually, they seem to be becoming more prevalent in our day and age as global warming spreads across the globe, wreaking havoc over our environment. 

That being said, the wind is not going anywhere either. It is here to stay. Inexhaustible.

Why is wind an inexhaustible resource?

Inexhaustible resources are here to stay even with humankind’s activities on them. Renewable resources and inexhaustible resources go hand in hand. 

To put it into perspective, all inexhaustible resources can be renewable resources, but not all renewable resources can be inexhaustible resources. 

Yet, some renewable resources can be exhausted, meaning they can run out, whereas others are inexhaustible and replenish daily. 

  • Wood is an example of a renewable resource that is not inexhaustible. Yes, we can plant more trees, but there is a chance that we could run out of them, thus running out of wood. 
  • On the other hand, wind is both renewable and inexhaustible because of the consistency of its appearance. 

Inexhaustible means there will always be a continuous supply of it even if there is constant use. 

Is wind energy renewable

Renewable energy is growing more and more popular as time goes on because it is becoming an affordable clean energy source for us to advance our world into the future with. 

Renewable energy is often referred to as clean energy because it is a much more healthy and sustainable choice when considering where to source your energy from. 

With inexhaustible fitting right into the renewable energy category, it holds the same attributes. 

Inexhaustible energy comes from natural sources as well as natural processes. 

These natural sources and processes constantly renew, giving us an infinite source to get our energy from. 

This is unlike most of the resources we get our energy from now, such as nonrenewable resources that are finite and destroying our environment.

Even though wind depends on time and weather, it is still considered a renewable resource because it is naturally recurring. 

Energy and electricity are created from the wind turning turbines, large blades round and round feeding an electric generator. 

This process can happen continuously as long as the Sun continues to warm the Earth at uneven rates, which will be for eternity. 


There is no stopping the inexhaustible energy industry because it will keep churning out good and more environmentally-friendly results as more time and research are dedicated to it. 

Already, we are seeing more wind farms pop up around the globe. 

Many countries are pledging to meet a certain percentage of renewable and inexhaustible energy usage by mid-century. 

Excitement is mounting for this industry that boasts sustainability and resiliency. 

To knock out the use of fossil fuels and introduce wind power and its inexhaustible process into the renewable arena will be a giant leap for humankind into a greener future.

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