How Much Of Texas Is Powered By Wind Turbines

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  • Date: August 13, 2021
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Wind power is one energy source that looks towards a brighter future.

Wind power is an industry that is rapidly growing in popularity.

The benefits are clear; wind power is a sustainable and clean energy source.

According to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the state produces the largest amount of wind energy in comparison to any other state in the United States.

Utilizing renewable energy is a big step in protecting our future. So Just How Much of Texas is Powered by Wind Energy?

How is Wind Turbine-Generated Energy Beneficial to Us?

Wind is a renewable resource. Utilizing it as a power source provides effective results with a limited carbon footprint.

In comparison to other energy sources, wind energy reduces the effects caused by other energy sources such as fossil fuels.

When we’re looking for a powerful source of energy that also benefits our future, wind energy is a clear option.

  • Compared to other fuels, a wind turbine has a small carbon footprint and can generate a large amount of energy.
  • Wind farms generally are unobtrusive to the environmental landscape.

The Amount of Wind Energy in Texas May Surprise Us. 

In the United States, Texas is the largest state that produces wind energy.

There are 150 wind farms located in the state, which produce around 30,000 (megawatt-hours) MW. 

  • Texas has both the land and the weather conditions that are beneficial for a successful wind farm.
  • Powering Texas is an association formed through local stakeholders in the energy business. The main goal of Powering Texas is to provide further information and advocate for sustainable energy.

How Much of Texas is Powered by Wind Energy?

Texas is a state that produces more energy than those surrounding it.

Wind power in Texas is the second-highest-ranking source of power.

The first is natural gas, which continues to take the forefront in the state of Texas, but wind energy comes in at 24.8 percent, which is not far behind the 51 percent for natural gas.

  • According to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), wind energy generates a great amount of use. In 2019, for example, ERCOT reported that the percentage rate for energy use in the wind area was 56 percent.
  • While we might think of Texas as small in comparison to entire other countries – Texas has a wind footprint that pus it at the fifth spot in the wind energy fueled state in the world.
  • Wind energy not only fuels homes, but many businesses rely on it as well.
  • Texas is home to one of the largest wind farms in the world. The Roscoe Wind Farm, Project is located just outside of Roscoe, TX.. The wind farm is onshore and is around 100,000 acres 
    • This amount of wind farming can generate 781.5MW, RWF. Which I think is beneficial in many ways. Not only is it a large energy source, but it is environmentally friendly.
  • Texas produces around thirty WL, which is higher than other states across the nation.

What Does That Mean?

When you look at powering a single-family home, the average MW used is 11 MW. This means that almost 3,000 homes and businesses can be powered by renewable energy. 

  • Texas is the number one consumer in the United States for wind energy.
  • The wind farm industry in Texas has been beneficial for the Texas economy. With the wind industry, jobs and innovation have been created.

How Does Wind Energy Benefit the State of Texas?

Wind energy production in Texas successfully outpassed that of other states. According to Quick Electric, an electricity company in Texas, wind power is now the way of the future. 

  • Wind power in Texas has surpassed that of the use of fossil fuel, benefiting us in the reduction of carbon emissions.
  • Texas continues to work towards a brighter future, through the installation and implementation of wind energy as a predominant resource.
  • The economic impact is extensive -wind power mitigates the cost of energy for the entire state.
  • So, just how great are the benefits of wind energy for us? The long and short of it is that wind energy is better for our lungs. Wind power promotes cleaner air, which in turn, promotes better health. 

What Challenges Does Texas Have to Face with Wind Energy?

When considering success, it is always important to take into account the negatives. We may think that wind energy is a ‘fix-all’, but with all the ideas, there are some hitches. 

Like many things, wind turbines are not immune to extreme weather.

We need to take into consideration factors such as extreme temperatures.

Be it hot or cold, it can affect wind turbines and result in blackouts. 

Texas is a state with frequent weather changes, and continuing the path of powering the majority of the state with renewable energy is key.

We always want to look forward to the future, especially one that is energy-friendly.

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