Wind Energy vs. Fossil Fuels: The Difference

  • By: Preetam
  • Date: August 10, 2021
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In the recent past, wind energy has evolved to compete favorably with traditional fossil fuels. People are moving towards this trend because of the numerous benefits it guarantees. 

You might be wondering how this comparatively new energy source is competing favourably with the old and well-known fossil fuels. 

In this piece, we compare wind energy with fossil fuels to help you get a gist of the recent developments. 

Wind Energy vs. Fossil Fuels

A hot debate between wind energy and fossil fuels is taking center stage across the globe these days. It’s all about which one is better. 

Despite coal and gas prices becoming more affordable as we progress forward, wind energy is gaining ground at a considerably faster rate. 

The main reason for it gaining so much ground is because of the current global need to shift from environmentally destructive fossil fuels towards clean and non-destructive green energy sources. 

  • Renewable energy, wind energy being among them, is continuously becoming cheaper with time. The price for wind turbines has reduced tenfold over the last 10 years. This means that we can generate more wind energy cheaply than we used to do in the past.
  • The global market standards revere wind energy because it is clean and environmentally friendly. In contrast, fossil fuels are not environmentally friendly. 
  • Fossil fuels emit poisonous and dangerous chemical compositions that have damaging effects on the earth’s atmosphere. 

They bring catastrophic effects in that they result in issues such as rising sea levels, acidification of the ocean, increased extreme weather conditions, and many other negative effects. 

In addition, exploring, extracting, processing, delivering, and using fossil fuels adds to greenhouse gases. These gases and pollutants pollute the environment, harms both the flora and fauna, and leads to natural landscape degradation, and ultimately in climate change. 

Investing in green and clean energy helps a country enjoy a clean breath and reduces the negative impacts of fossil fuels. 

Is Wind Energy More Efficient Than Fossil Fuels?

Yes. The following points explain how wind energy is efficient than fossil fuels:

  • More Energy produced than it consumes

Although you might be surprised to hear this, wind energy is more efficient than fossil fuels. When compared to fossil fuels, wind produces more energy than it consumes during its production and results in lower overall emissions. 

  • Negligible pollution

Although they result in some pollution, it is negligible and it should not be worrying at all. 

Statistically, wind energy produces only 11 grams of carbon dioxide per one kilowatt-hour of electricity it generates. To produce the same electricity, coal produces 1000 grams of carbon dioxide. 

  • Long-lasting 

The other factor that makes wind energy more reliable than fossil fuels is the fact that you can produce and operate it for years in a more rapid manner. 

Usually, wind turbines can be operational for longer periods extending over 20 years. This is a long period that is very hard to achieve with fossil fuels unless in areas that have extremely large resource endowment. 

  • Larger wind turbines, more turnover

With larger wind turbines, the turnover has generally increased and this still contributes to the increased efficiency when compared to fossil fuels. 

  • Easy to start

Wind energy plants take a considerably lower time to establish and have them running when you compare them to fossil fuels. 

Wind farms can take an average of two or fewer years to establish. Fossil fuels on the other hand can stretch up to 4 years or even more to have them up and running. 

In addition, you may need more complementary resources for them to be fully operational. 

Can Wind Energy Replace Fossil Fuel?

The short answer is yes. The transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy such as wind energy is imminent. It is however not an overnight thing but there is progress so far. 

There have been numerous global efforts putting pressure on fossil fuels reduction to heal the ailing earth’s atmosphere. 

The reason behind this is because fossil fuels result in too many pollutants that harm the environment.

Numerous efforts to expedite the transition from fossil to wind energy are underway and soon we will see many industries embracing it. 

Is Wind Energy Expensive Than Fossil Fuels?

The old notion that renewable energy is way expensive when compared to fossil fuels is nothing but a pure lie. 

In the real sense, which one is cheaper? Well, energy is way cheaper when compared to fossil fuels these days. The numerous improvements in wind technology have placed wind energy on a competitive edge when you compare it to fossil fuels. 

Recent improvements on wind turbines involve features such as larger surfaces to ensure that they produce more energy on a lower budget. 

In the recent past, the turbines came with considerable higher heights, larger rotor diameters, and increased capacity of the nameplates. By these, they produce more energy for each turbine than the previous versions in the history of turbines. 

The United States Energy Department reports that, between 1999 and 2015, the average capacity of each nameplate has undergone a whopping 180% increase. 

Through this increase, they have been able to produce power at considerably lower costs when compared to fossil fuels. 

In addition, it is now possible to generate wind energy even in areas with historic low wind endowments and speeds. 


As of now, wind energy is gaining more ground and it is competing favorably with fossil fuels. The reason behind this is the fact that it is green and clean. 

Compared to fossil fuels, wind energy is proving to be more efficient and it is likely to replace fossil fuels soon. 

Because it is very cheaper when compared to fossil fuels, wind energy is the next big thing to watch out for.

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