10 Ways The Wind Power Help Our Environment

  • By: Preetam
  • Date: August 10, 2021
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Wind energy is one of the most used renewable and inexhaustible resources in our modern world. 

It is most certainly the most efficient source of renewable energy we have. 

Wind energy does not contaminate, nor does it emit harmful chemicals into our air as our current energy source does. 

These are just a few of the reasons as to why wind power should be our future source of energy. 

Let’s dive into a more detailed list of reasons as to why wind power is good for our environment and those who reside in it!

Ten ways wind power helps our environment.

Wind energy is an inexhaustible energy source. 

This means wind energy is always available and ready to be used at any point and time. 

To add to that, it is renewable, which means we will not deplete our natural resources at the rate we have been up until this point. 

By changing to renewable and inexhaustible energies, we are choosing to promote a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come. 

Wind energy can be used for all shapes and sizes. 

Basically, it can be applied to many different places. 

Large turbines and wind farms can provide electricity for entire communities, whereas small turbines can power a small site where electricity is needed. 

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “Community wind projects include turbines for schools, tribes, municipal utilities, and rural electric cooperatives. Small wind turbines, alone or as part of a hybrid system, can power homes, businesses, farms, ranches, and schools.”

Wind turbines do not consume water. 

Most electric power plants require water to operate, but wind turbines do not. Producing electricity from the wind only requires the wind, the turbine, and its components. 

This fact is exciting for a future where droughts are foreseeable in our current climate. 

Wind energy systems have low operating costs. 

There are no fuel costs associated with wind turbines, which exponentially drives down the operational costs for their power. 

Because there are no added fuel costs, consumers also do not have to worry about the fluctuating market of coal and natural gas costs. 

Wind energy is clean and green! 

The electricity generated by wind turbines and its process to make it does not pollute our water or our air. 

If we were to switch primarily to wind energy, there would be less smog, less acid rain, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. 

Clean energy sources reduce not only environmental costs but also healthcare costs associated with air and water pollution. 

Wind energy can provide income for ranchers and farmers. 

Wind farms and projects increase revenue for communities in which the turbines are built and function in. 

Not only that, farmers and ranchers can continue raising their livestock and growing their crops even with the turbines on their land. 

Turbines only take up a small p[ercentage of the total land they reside on. 

Wind energy creates jobs. 

This goes hand in hand with the previous benefit. 

Wind development creates various long-term jobs for residents within the community the turbines are built. 

Jobs are added in manufacturing, construction, installation, marketing, maintenance, operational services, transportation services, logistical services, etc. 

By bringing an innovative new industry to a community, such as wind power, you invest in that community’s future. 

Wind energy is cost-competitive now! 

Not only has the cost of wind turbines and their manufacturing parts declined over the past decade, but a lot of governments subsidize either costs too! 

Technological advancements are happening all the time in the renewable industry that are driving costs down and will continue to do so as governments, businesses, and individuals invest in them more.

Wind energy is homegrown and helps communities become more independent. 

By adding wind power to our national energy portfolio, we will be diversifying our nation’s reliance on other countries. 

This permits us not to be bogged down by the continuously changing prices of oil. 

Not only that, if we promote more electric and hybrid cars, we will no longer have to rely on imported transportation fuels as well. 

With the use of wind energy, we will be able to stabilize the price of electricity unlike ever before. 

There will no longer be price variability and spikes nor supply disruptions like we have now. 

Wind energy is now seen all over the world and is widely supported. 

According to Nes Fircroft, “Wind power capacity has grown rapidly from 159 GWe in 2009 to 591 GWe by the end of 2018 – with the average offshore wind farm increasing in size from 79.6 MW in 2007 to 561 MW in 2018. 

The average offshore wind farm increased in size from 79.6 MW in 2007 to 561 MW in 2018.” 

As wind energy grows more popular, more and more people will see the benefits it has for our environment. 


Putting in the effort and funding to create more wind farms to produce our energy is vital to a more sustainable future. 

We already see the effects of fossil fuels on our weather patterns and air quality, so why are we continuing to support the use of them? Wind energy does not emit the same toxic chemicals into the air as nonrenewable resources do. 

Instead, wind power uses clean energy to produce our electricity. 

According to Acciona, “Wind power is the most efficient technology to produce energy in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner: it is zero emissions, local, inexhaustible, competitive and it creates wealth and jobs.” 

After perusing the top ten reasons, what do you think we should use for the future? Should we continue to pollute our air when we have a solution to it, or should we step up and finally fund something worthy of our beautiful environment? 

Something such as wind power. The choice is ours, so we must stand up and make our voices stand out in the crowd. 

Wind power is the answer to a cleaner and greener future.

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